I recently read a story online about an industry expert who graduated with a 2:2 (second class lower) and contrary to the perceived disadvantages of that grade, she seemed to be doing good for herself. In her words, “I’m breathing fine”.

Undergrads worry sick when they are not on a first-class or strong 2:1. Their anxiety is primarily from the quality of jobs and accessibility of good-paying jobs. I mean, not many of them planned to have low grades; it just might be the department they found themselves in.

Some others, in an attempt to cover the shame of a low grade, quickly join the bandwagon dancing to the tunes of “school na scam” or “if you nur get money, hide your face“. A lot of people say these things and all they are covering is failure.

The truth is you can still have a swarm of opportunities flock to you with your 2:2. You just have to know how to play your cards well and you’d be fine.

Once you know you will be graduating with a 2:2, start making plans for a supplementary degree. Whether it is a Master’s or a Post Graduate Diploma, getting a second degree advances your chances of good career options. And yes, there are Master’s degree options for a 2:2.

Another thing you can do is maximize your skill set. Skills don’t go wrong in bringing you job opportunities and career lunges. Being an expert in a skill puts you in demand, especially when you’re an expert in a high-demand skill. So skill up.

Lastly, just because you have a 2:2 doesn’t mean you can’t roll with the big boys. Networking is a great way to push you forward in your career, so don’t hide away. Attend events and introduce yourself like you were the biggest boss in the room.

Don’t suffocate yourself because of a grade. Fine, it would be nice to have done better but there is still space for you to shine your shine in peace.

Do you have opportunities a 2:2 graduate can benefit from? Share in the comment section!



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