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the big break moment africa

We are an edutainment organization committed to identifying and empowering talented African youths in becoming exceptional with their gift/ talent.



This we do by engaging with talented youths through competitive platforms.



We achieve this by fostering a continuous exchange of talent and ideas among young people across Africa.



Collaborating with partners in enhancing a continuous youthful talent discovery.



Our methodology brings together a mix of passionate individuals with inbuilt abilities/talents to utilize the social space.

The Big Break Moment Reality Experience Show

The Birth of a Star

The Big Break Moment Reality Experience is an Edutainment Talent competition that provides undergraduates the opportunity to showcase their talents and get the chance to win huge prizes. This competition provides platform to socialize, learn, collaborate and give talented students voice in Music, Dance, Acting and/or Comedy. It also emphasizes on the talents and potentials recumbent in the minds of these students. Nominees compete against their peers from selected institutions starting from the physical audition across various cities with the hope of qualifying for the Talent Dream House.

The BBM Series

The Big Break Moment Series (BBM Series) is a quarterly release series of successful youths and young adults whom have been exceptional in their spheres of influence. These series are meant to recognize success stories of successful individuals and serve as tools to motivate viewers and readers in becoming a better version of themselves. The BBM Series includes the Under 30, Under 40 and Under 50 categories respectively. The BBM Series will be produce as unique magazines and audio-visuals quarterly.

The Street Break

The Street Break is an Edutainment interview that showcases everyday people opinion on topics that are both educative and entertaining. In most scenarios these topics reflects on students related issues, modern day lifestyles and how best the youths relate to these adjustments. The Street Break Show is shot on the streets of various cities across Africa.

The reach of our survey is that there are low opportunities for our talented undergraduates today.

The Big Break Moment Africa enlisted shows stands to boost the self-esteem, confidence, and assurance of the participating students, other participants (its shows that are non-students’ specific) and also viewers at home. It creates opportunities for aspiring talents, while keeping the target audience entertained, educated and engaged.
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Some statistical findings

The success of the Big Break Moment Africa Limited outlined projects most especially the Big Break Moment Reality Experience Show gave a broader and in-depth view of the numerous talents embed in our youths. The enlightening response from youths whose cities were reached for auditions, their participations at the audition and a combined overwhelming viewership both on terrestrial television stations and Online streaming goes to show that these young breeds are ready for greatness.

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Get ready to be blown away! We’ve got some incredible projects coming your way that will have you on the edge of your seat. Keep your eyes glued to the screen because you won’t want to miss what we have in store for you. Stay tuned and get ready for the experience!

The BBM Series

The Big Deal

The Street Break

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The ultimate aim of The Big Break Moment Africa is to spread enthusiasm by celebrating the amazing talent out there and empower the youth to chase their dreams with unbridled enthusiasm!